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The USS Valiant is the Flagship of the United Role Playing Federation. It is a Star Trek based simulator which is conducted over e-mail. The story is based on an Ambassador class ship, the USS Valiant. If you wish to join in the fun please click on the join button below, or send an e-mail to, and tell him your chracter's name, species, age, gender, what position you request and your e-mail address. This is a FREE organization dedicated to the enjoyment of it's members.

Ship Specifications

the Galaxy

Ship's Mission


There are positions avaliable in the following areas .....

    Captain: (Commanding Officer) Runs the storyline of the sim, and is the supreme command on board the ship.

    Executive Officer: ( First Officer ) Helps the Captain runt he storyline and is second in command on the ship.   He also keep order in the sim and reports to URPF leaders if anyone is abusing the sim.

    Tactical Officer: Runs the big guns on the ship.

    Helmsman: Navigates the ship.

    Science Officers(s)/Operations:  Keeps track of the atmosphere on the ship,run studies, and are experts in there field.

    Medical Officer(s): Keeps the chracters nice and healthy, and treats the ill.

Security: Keeps the ship safe from invasion, and enforces the Captain's, and First Officer's orders.        Also keeps order.

    Other: There are always more positions on each individual ship, if you have a position you would like to fill that was not listed, or would like to make a new one please submit it along witha  brief explanation of it with your application to  

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