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The USS Valiant is the Flagship of the United Role Playing Federation. It is a Star Trek based simulator which is conducted over e-mail.

The story is based on an Ambassador class ship, the USS Valiant. If you wish to join in the fun please click on the join button below, or send an e-mail to, see out join page below for details.

This is a FREE organization dedicated to the enjoyment of it's members. After you've joined, and you want to send a message the rest of the crew, or submit your simming to the ship write to ""

the Valiant's Mission

The URPF Galaxy

the Ship's Specifications Enlist onto the Valiant

  The Crew is as follows...

Captain Senior Commandant (
Executive Officer Avaliable (1)
Tactical Officer Avaliable (1)
Helmsman Avaliable (1)
Science Officers(s)/Operations Avaliabilities (3 Science, 1 Ops)
Medical Officer(s) Avaliabilities (3)
Security Officer(s) Avaliabilities (3)
Engineering Crew Avaliabilities (3)

  Other: There are always more positions on each individual ship, if you have a position you would like to fill that was not listed, or would like to make a new one please submit it along witha  brief explanation of it with your application to  



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