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Join the Universal Role Playing Federation! And be a crewman, as the position of your choice, on the USS Valiant. Remember it's a FREE organization dedicated to the enjoyment of it's members. Please be courteous to others, and hope to see you aboard!

-This Form is not currently operating correctly so please e-mail the following information to if you wish to join, thank you. Also please note that all applications will be placed on a hold for a short period of time until URPF has completed it's updating and is back to operation. This however is still a perfect opportunity to submit your application because position senority is based upon a first come first serve basis, Thank You.

The USS Valiant "To Return with Honor"



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Your Name

    A brief description of your character. (IE: Notable feautures [Has a birth scar on forehead], Hisory [Where did your character come from, who is their family?.], Dislikes and Likes [Likes to visit the holodeck, hates swabbing the deck], Height, Weight, Hair and Eye colors, Hobbies, and anything else you wish to add to help develop your character.

Some required information.

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